Fun and insightful wine courses in the centre of Amsterdam.

The Courses

The wine courses of Alex Wijnen offer a fun and insightful way into the most renowned grape varieties. Learn how to taste wine and recognize the varieties. You will be introduced to the wine making process and how you can pair food with the best fitting wines. All this, in an accessible, and inviting environment of a wine shop located in the heart of Amsterdam. Please choose one of the below wine courses:

SDEN1 Course

Summary The SDEN1 course is more extensive then the introduction course but can be followed without prior knowlegde. The course will take place in two evenings and will contain the following: • What is wine • Main grape varieties • Learn how to taste wine • Aromas in wine • Wine styles; Old vs. New World • Most important wine countries / regions • Serving temperatures • Food pairing After this course, you will have basic knowledge of wine. There will be the option of closing this course with a (Dutch) exam.

SDEN2 Course

Summary This winecourse is a level higher than the SDEN1 course but can also be followed without prior knowledge. The course is given in 5 evenings and you will learn about the most important wineregions and wines.  You will learn the technique of wine tasting. Over forty wines will be tasted. The following items will be explained: • How wine is made; what are the processes • Main grape varieties • Wine tasting and assessment • Wine scent aromas: Aroma wheel • Extensive attention to the typicity of the different grape varieties and wines in the most important wine countries / areas • How to pair wine with food. You can complete the course with the Dutch SDEN2 exam. The examination will be in Dutch.

Introduction Course

Overview Duration:       2 hours* (Flexible starting time) Level:            Beginners and wine enthusiasts Cost:             € 30,- p.p. (we are tasting 6 wines) *Minimal number of participants = 8, max. 12

Summery The introduction course consists of theoretical background of the most famous white grape varieties. After theory, we will ‘blindly’ taste 3 white wines. We learn to recognize grape varieties by writing out tasting notes. Afterwards, we provide a brief explanation of what has been tasted. Subsequently, we start with the most famous red grape varieties. This way, improving your wine knowledge is immediately put into practice, in a most pleasant way.

Tailored course

Overview Duration:      2 hours* (Flexible starting time) Level:           Beginners and wine enthusiasts Cost:            € 30,- p.p. (we are tasting 6 wines) *Minimal number of participants = 8, max. 12

Summary Are you interested in a tailored beginner’s winecourse? Think of themes such as France, Italy or ‘Old World vs New world’?. We provide a proper foundation with 6 fine matching wines. Take for example, the French introdcuction course in whic you will receive a birds eye view of the most important wine regions (including Bordeaux / Burgundy / Loire). With the Italian version we will address the most important regions like Piemonte (Barolo), Tuscany (Brunello) but also lesser known regions such as Basilicata. Please contact us for more information.


De course will be offered in the wine shop of Alex Wijnen. Located on the Rozengracht 4 in Amsterdam. We will ‘study’ between all the wines in the middle of the wine shop. The wine shop is centrally located nearby the Westerkerk and the Prinsengracht,

“Together with some friends we had an educative and amusing evening. Alex, thanks for your patience and your wine knowledge.”


“I would never expect I would learn so much about wine in so little time. Besides that it was really fun!”


“Alex taught me how to taste wine and informed me about what I need to know before buying a good wine. Very insightfu!”  Marianne Noorderling


Alexander Asjes, Vinoloog

The courses are given by vinoloog Alexander Asjes. Alexander is the owner of the wine shop ‘Alex Wijnen’. In 2009, he graduated from the Wine Academy. Since 2008, he runs his wine shop.He likes to share his wine knowlegde and only sells wines that he has tasted and approved. Besides exploring new wines, he loves to travel to wine regions. Every year he expands his knowedlge and network. Last year he visited Piemonte (Italy) and the Douro (Portugal). He sells a large collection of wines from France and Italy, Also, other wineregions such as the New World are well represented. Exploring and learning about wines doesn’t always have to be in Europe.

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