SDEN 1 Course

Time:                                  2 x 2 hours and 15 minutes (from 19.45 until 22.00)
Level:                                      beginners, wine enthousiasts
Costs:                                      € 110,- p.p. (incl. BTW) (We taste 8 to 10 wines per evening)
*As a result of the covid regulations there is a a maximum of 8 participants per evening. A minimum of 6 participants is necessary for the course to proceed. 

This course is one step up from the base wine course, but can also be followed withoug prior knowledge. The course consists of 2 evenings and covers the following:

  • What is wine
  • The most important grape sorts
  • Tasting and rating
  • Aroma’s in wine
  • Wine Stiles Old world vs New world
  • The most important wine regions
  • Tasting of wines from: France, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, South-Africa
  • The right temperature for white / red / rosé
  • Wine and food pairing


The course book is not included in the above price. It can be ordered via

After this course you will have a practical knowledge of wine and are you ready to take the exam. You need to sign up for the exam separately.


Alex Wijnen
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Tel: 020 638 7966


Opening Hours

Dinsdag:            11:00-19:00
Woensdag:        11:00-19:00
Donderdag:      11:00-19:00
Vrijdag:              11:00-19:00
Zaterdag:         10:30-18:30