Tailored Course

Duration:      2 hours* (Flexible starting time)
Level:           Beginners and wine enthusiasts
Cost:            € 30,- p.p. (we are tasting 6 wines)
*Minimal number of participants = 8, max. 12

Are you interested in a tailored beginner’s winecourse? Think of themes such as France, Italy or ‘Old World vs New world’?. We provide a proper foundation with 6 fine matching wines. Take for example, the French introdcuction course in whic you will receive a birds eye view of the most important wine regions (including Bordeaux / Burgundy / Loire). With the Italian version we will address the most important regions like Piemonte (Barolo), Tuscany (Brunello) but also lesser known regions such as Basilicata. Please contact us for more information.


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